Resoling Duckfeet: Before & After

We love Duckfeet because they're unique, handcrafted, and timelessly designed. But one of the things we love most of all is how they are built to last. We talk about this a lot, and today we want to hone in on one specific quality of their longevity. 

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Duckfeet are built to be happily resoled after years of love, adventuring, and wear. The natural crepe soles provide support, grip, and shock absorption. And after years of rough 'n' tumble exploration, these soles may start to wear down.

Need a new sole? No problem! We've got just the team for you.

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Resoling 101

Not sure if you'll know when you need to resole? You're in the right place. It’s important that the crepe is replaced at right time to ensure a successful resole. If your Duckfeet are excessively worn or in very poor condition, they may need extra work and time for repair, or we unfortunately may not be able to resole them at all.

Here’s what you need to know:

Most of our shoe and boot styles have two layers of crepe rubber which means they can be resoled (unlike the Blavand, Mols, and sandal styles, which only have one layer). 
Your Duckfeet should be resoled when the first layer of crepe has broken through; not the second. The second layer of crepe acts as a protective layer between the ground and your mid-sole.

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Need examples?

Feeling confused about what to look for before resoling and want more info? Check out the Resoling blog by our friends at Duckfeet Australia. They've included pictures of what to look for, what to avoid, and how to ensure a successful resoling experience. 


Ready to resole?

Do you have a pair of Duckfeet that’s ready for a sole makeover? All you need is the replacement sole and a trusted cobbler. If you don't have a local cobbler, we've got you covered. For resoling services, we've teamed up with United Shoe Repair to make resoling your well-loved Duckfeet simple and easy. 


Your Duckfeet Journey

Your Duckfeet will be with you for the long haul. Through many seasons, experiences, and phases of life. What adventures have you taken in your Duckfeet so far? Share with us in the comments below!