Patience to Patina

by Brittany

Pa-tin-a: /puh-tee-nuh/

The appearance of something grown beautiful, especially with habit or use.

You've just pulled your pair of Duckfeet out of the box. Some ways you might describe them?
✔️Sturdy ✔️Shiny ✔️Oh-so-smooth. 

When putting your new quackers on, you may be a bit suspicious of the heavy leather. It can feel resistant - strong yet stubborn. Don't let them fool you! When given the time to break in, they're with you for a lifetime.

(5 tips for breaking in Duckfeet without wear)

Take a look at my journey breaking in the only boots I need...

Day 1


Look at how shiny they are! I'm a sucker for Granate, and knew these Fåborg would be the pop my wardrobe lacked (aside from the socks). When first trying on my pair, I wasn't too sure they were the correct size. I'm a US 6.5-7, so I went with a 37. These were initially tight on the tops and sides with my toes touching the front of the boot (though not scrunched uncomfortably). So, I put my faith in break-in process to soften these up to the perfect fit.


If you're not familiar with leather, especially heavy leather like this, your instinct may be to switch to a larger size.
However, in the not-so-long run, that would be a mistake.
My advicetrust the leather and give it the exercise it needs to fit you just right.

Few Months Wear

The great thing about hard leather is that the break-in process is as simple as putting them on. Through daily wear, the leather softens to your movements, creating character markings & soft spots completely unique to you and your lifestyle.
If you don't feel comfortable with the wear-in process, here are some other ways to soften up your pair: 5 tips for breaking in your Duckfeet


Almost a year later and these are still the go-to shoes for all my adventure days. They've softened perfectly where my ankle needs to bend - they provide support where my heels rest & they flex like a dream.

Every step has made these into a pair that truly suits me. Shoes with character that reflect all the adventures I've been on. A pair of shoes that has truly gotten better with age.
Never trust a knight with shiny armor...
 TIP: If you want to give your pair a burst of life, or protect it from weathering to quickly, we recommend a leather cream to refreshen and seal your shoes. We will be carrying Duckfeet's leather care treatment soon!


When the bottoms of my feet can't quite keep up with the tops, these puppies are re-soleable.
Just another reason they'll be with me for the long-haul.

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