It's a Duckfeet kinda Summer

by Brittany

Sandal season has landed!

What's better than sprawling your toes out in warm sand? Well, not much in our opinion... but a good pair of broken-in Duckfeet is a very close second! And now you can take that signature hand-crafted, molded leather to the beach with you.

 The Lokken 

LokkenWe've been eyeing our international counterparts as they kick off the boots and slip on the sands. Switching out the skis for bikes, and their Århus for Himmerland. With our ever-changing New England lifestyles, we needed to get these things over here. So as of this spring, Duckfeet USA is now carrying the Duckfeet sandal collection in the US!
( cue cheering )
You can see what we're so excited about & explore the whole collection here: 

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All models are unisex and come in the wide array of colors that we love. Plus, a bonus color: Aqua blue!

Which is also available for select classic models, including the Lolland and Faborg.

(Aqua Blue was a limited release color by Duckfeet, only available during Summer 2017, while stock was available)


These summer models don't sacrifice anything when it comes to the quality leather that Duckfeet has become known for, all the while leaving your feet free to breathe. So if you need us, we'll be out taking on the summer in a pair of comfortable, reliable, good-looking sandals for those days of leisure & adventure. 


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