What's My Size?

by Brittany Anania July 11, 2017


You may have noticed that Duckfeet are wider in the front and narrow in the back.
No, not those... but similar!
These Duckfeet are made with a comfortable natural fit, as well as durable leather that will stretch and mold to your foot shape.
This naturally wider fit can accommodate all foot types.

Duckfeet are designed in Denmark and run in European sizes 35 through 50. Note that European sizes do not include US half sizes. When ordering online, be sure to measure your foot and compare it against our size chart.

So, how do we size ourselves to make sure we find our perfect match?

Grab a ruler & let's go!

(full video below)

Step 1: Find a space of flat wall and place the ruler perpendicular.
We'll be measuring the length in inches - heel to toe. 
If the zero is not flush with the wall, be sure to add on the difference to the final measurement.

Step 2: Place your foot with heel against the wall, parallel with the ruler and measure the length of your foot to the biggest toe.

Step 3: To ensure an accurate measurement, find something to lay flat at the furthest part of your big toe and straighten out. 

Measure both feet, and we'll be using the measurement from the larger foot.
(don't forget to add the difference!)

Step 4: Get your number and head over to the size chart:
Please note: the size chart for shearling-lined models, like the Århus, have been adjusted to account for the wool lining.

Step 5: Pick your pair and get quackin'!
If you are on the maximum measurement for a size selection, we recommend going up a size to accommodate any swelling that naturally happens to our feet during the day. 
If you have an extra wide or extra narrow foot, shoot us an email & we can help advise on a good style for your foot!

Here's a puppy admiring your diligence

Follow along with us:

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