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Look to the Mols [mawls] for airy, sock-free wear, or pair with your favorite socks, and really show them off. A slightly lighter sole provides a delicate sandal feel while the buckle-strap securely holds your foot—a great choice for traversing the seasons.

Available in Women’s & Men’s unisex sizing.

Color: Blue


Water-friendly eco-conscious Terracare® leather.


Terracare® leather


Natural Italian crepe rubber


Sandal & closed toe shoe blend featuring mary-jane style strap closure.


Neutral (accommodates most inserts and orthotics)


Made in Poland


Duckfeet have a medium to wide fit; a wide toe box allows toes to splay naturally. See our fit guide

56.2167° N, 10.5333° E

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Mols is a stunning landscape stretching across the southern part of Djursland on the east coast of Jylland. Here, you will find Mols Bjerge, which, in addition to forming a splendid landscape, is also preserved nature and part of the Mols Bjerge National Park.

The residents of Mols are called Molbo’s, and for centuries, Danes have been telling tales of their alleged foolishness in the so-called Molbo stories.

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