A Note to Our Community

At Duckfeet we strive to be transparent with our community. Our mission has always been to support high quality products, the environment, materials, and the craftspeople who make them. This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing Duckfeet community—thank you!

When we raised our prices last year, we didn’t anticipate having to send a similar message only a year later. While most costs in the US have risen over the past year, the increases have been even more pronounced in Europe. As a result, we will be raising our prices on most products starting March 1st.

As you know, Duckfeet are sourced and produced entirely within the EU. We've seen material, labor, transport and other costs continue to climb, and in order to ensure the same level of quality and ethical standards in our manufacturing—retail prices must go up.

As always, we thank you for understanding and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Again, this increase will not take effect until March 1st—so if you were planning to purchase items, you can do so before the increase. We have also made items in transit available for pre-order, so you can reserve your pair at the current price.

With all the brands available to you, our small team is incredibly grateful you’ve chosen Duckfeet. We’re so proud of the community we've built together and will continue to work hard in providing you with the best experience. From all of us, THANK YOU.

Team Duckfeet USA