What is the design like?

Duckfeet have a simple, minimalist look, representative of mid-20th century Danish design. They are EU unisex sized, so there’s no difference between men's and women’s styles. Duckfeet are known for their wider natural foot-shape, quality leathers and natural materials. Learn more about the shape & design here.

Where are Duckfeet made?

Duckfeet are designed in Denmark, built in Poland from German Terracare® leather and feature a natural Italian crepe sole. All other materials are sourced within the EU. See inside the factory and learn more about the materials used in production here.

How do Duckfeet fit?

Duckfeet are designed with a wider toe box that allows feet to relax and toes to spread naturally. Duckfeet typically work best for medium to wide feet.

Need a wide fit? European sizing does not have a wide scale like the US (D, E, EE, etc), but the leathers naturally stretch and mold to foot shape with wear. If you’re unsure if our shoes are a good fit for you, feel free to contact us and we will guide you in the sizing process.

How do I get my size?

Duckfeet are European sized. Before ordering your pair, we recommend measuring the length of your feet to find the right size. Our size chart is a great guide, but does not guarantee an exact fit. To get the best measurement, stand on a ruler against a wall. Measure the entire length of your foot, from heel to longest toe. Be sure to measure both feet and choose your size based on the largest measurement.

Boots with a shearling wool lining may need to be ordered in the next size up to accommodate the wool. The Duckfeet size chart can be found on any of our product pages & also on our Fit Guide here.

Keep in mind, the leather stretches and molds to your foot naturally. If at first they feel snug, the leather will adjust with time and wear to fit you just right. For tips on breaking in your Duckfeet, please see here.

Do Duckfeet have arch support?

click meDuckfeet have a neutral leather footbed without any inherent arch support. Because it’s leather, the footbed will form to the wearer’s footprint over time. If support is desired, the footbed is great for accommodating most insoles as there is no built in support to compete with an insert/insole. Note, the leather insole is not designed to be removed.

The leather is very stiff. Does it stretch or get softer?

Most Duckfeet models are made with high quality full-grain leather. This leather is strong and durable, and will feel stiff at first. Don’t worry! Duckfeet break in faster than you’d expect. This break-in process is a hallmark of genuine leather. With plenty of love, they will mold perfectly to your foot shape and movements, ensuring your pair is truly unique. Leather cream can help to quicken the process, as well as extend the life of your pair.

For tips on breaking in your Duckfeet, please read our blog.

Are Duckfeet waterproof or water resistant?

All Duckfeet leathers are naturally water resistant and will keep most moisture out. However, water stains can occur after heavy saturation. If you notice water stains, take a cloth and lightly damp the entire shoe. Let dry completely. Leather cream may be applied to help increase water resistance, and will also help keep them in tip top shape. You can shop our leather care here.

How do I care for my Duckfeet?

If your pair needs a cleanup, a damp cloth will do the trick to wipe away any dirt. Let shoes dry thoroughly before wearing.

A regular leather care treatment is a great way to keep your Duckfeet looking good and feeling good too. When caring for your Duckfeet, we recommend using a light layer of natural leather conditioner every 2 to 3 months. We offer Duckfeet® Leather Care for purchase on the site. It’s best to use little amounts more often. Don’t forget the edges and seams when treating! This will help maintain the leather and protect against water. You can learn more here.

What is the lining like?

Winter models, like the Arhus & Odense, are lined with 100% shearling wool for added warmth and comfort. The wool is soft and cushioning and covers the interior, top to bottom all the way to the toe. Note, this lining is not designed to be removed.

Looking to add more warmth or cushioning to your Duckfeet? We offer a wool insole that can be added to most Duckfeet models.


Please visit our color guide page for close-ups & descriptions of all the Duckfeet® colors.

What is the sole made of?

Duckfeet are fitted with a 100% natural crepe rubber sole that’s shock absorbing, durable and cushioning. The rubber grips well in most environments, but please note to always take caution on icy surfaces. Since the natural crepe is untreated, be sure to avoid contact with solvents as the rubber may dissolve. The soles can be replaced by a local cobbler once worn down from heavy wear. If you're in need of soles, you can order them here. Please keep in mind there is a 2-4 week lead time when ordering.

The crepe can become hard when stored in a cold environment. We recommend storing your Duckfeet in an environment between 66-76 F. If the soles become hard, you can place the shoes inside for a period of time, or on a warm radiator until the crepe rubber is soft again.

NOTE: You may notice a range of coloration on the sole, as each pair is handcrafted and variations occur naturally.

Can I return/exchange if they are not right?

Duckfeet can be returned or exchanged within 21 days of delivery. We do make exceptions around the holidays since we understand many purchases are for gifts.

In order to receive a refund or exchange, shoes must be in like-new, unused condition with tags still in place, and returned in their original, undamaged shoe box. Keep this in mind when testing the fit of your pair - try them on indoors on a clean surface. Carpet is usually best, as the crepe sole will pick up dirt and debris from other surfaces. You may even use the tissue paper in the shoe box as a surface to stand on when testing the fit.

If the shoes just aren’t what you’re looking for, we will refund the cost of shoes minus the original shipping charge.

You can find more information on returns here.

When will my Duckfeet ship?

We package and ship Monday - Friday, 9AM - 5PM EST.

Our Carriers pick-up Monday - Friday during normal business hours with the last pick-up being 4:30PM EST on Friday.

If you order after business hours or on a holiday, your Duckfeet will be shipped on the next business day.

Additional questions related to shipping? Please email info@duckfeetusa.com

What is my order status?

For updates on your order, log in to your customer account by clicking on the user icon in the top right corner of the website. If a customer account hasn't been created, shoot us an email at info@duckfeetusa.com with your order number or the first and last name of whomever placed the order. We will then get back to you within 24 hours.