Meet the Maker


At BirdieBlue, we give NEW life to OLD gear by upcycling discarded ski and snowboard clothes into personality-filled bags with the goal of inspiring joy for all of the sustainability-focused adventure babes out there. BirdieBlue bags are designed to be your everyday bag for wherever your adventures take you whether you are hiking mountains, skiing through powder, walking your dog, or picking up your kids from school.

To date, BirdieBlue has saved more than 4000 pieces of old gear or approximately 10,000 pounds of clothes from landfills and is showing no signs of stopping on our mission to keep our skies blue, our mountain’s snow capped, and our #birdieblueadventure game strong.

What do you make?

When Birdie’s Founder, Kate’s beloved, 20 year old ski pants ripped, she could not throw them out. Knowing the fabric is very durable and highly polluting to our landfills, she decided to try to make something NEW out of something OLD. After two years of refining and testing the first bag, the Fanny, BirdieBlue launched in September 2022. BirdieBlue has since launched a wallet, a toiletry bag, a sling bag, and a large carry all tote…all designed with the same retro, three panel BirdieBlue color pattern. 

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Kate Harvey
Stowe, VT