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In 2019, I became determined to solve a problem that I faced for over a decade. My shoulder purses were cute, but uncomfortable. Backpacks were useful, but not always cute. The decision to not wear a purse inevitably meant losing something. The classic fanny pack wasn't easy to dress up when the occasion called for it. Bringing multiple bags drove my inner minimalist crazy. Most of my purses and bags either had no pockets at all or pockets that weren’t useful.

I just wanted ONE comfortable bag I could wear everywhere. When I couldn't find what I was looking for, I decided to make it myself. For the next few years, I worked around my full time job in our spare room to figure out the design for the convertible pouch of my dreams.

After making a dozen prototypes, I continued selling and gifting my prototypes to friends and family who loved them, the word started to spread. In 2021, we moved to Lyons, CO and I finally had my own workshop, received the gift of a lay-off from my full-time job, and launched Lyons Leather Co. in May 2022.

To scale the business past my own two hands, I've partnered with a team of talented leather artisans in Leon, Mexico, a region known as the leather bag capital of North America. I continue to design everything in our collection with the intention of making simple, versatile goods that inspire a minimalist, adventurous lifestyle.

We are proudly partnered with the "most sustainable tannery in North America." Not only are they solar-powered, but they only source hides that are by-products of the food industry. All of our partners are members of the Leather Working Group, which upholds ethical production from materials sourcing through manufacturing. As a small, woman-owned business, we are endlessly grateful for your support on our journey thus far.

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Handcrafted, small-batch leather goods for outdoor adventures, travel, and daily life.

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Lisa Dannen
Lyons, CO