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Roskilde [raw-ski-luh] is a classic all-season slip-on chelsea boot. No time for laces? No worries. Simply pull on the Roskilde and get going about your day. This unisex year-rounder is handmade from thick, quality leather, which softens and moulds to your unique foot shape.

Color: Jeans


Water-friendly eco-conscious Terracare® leather


Terracare® leather


Natural Italian crepe rubber


Slip-on chelsea boot


Neutral (accommodates most inserts and orthotics)


Made in Poland


Duckfeet have a medium to wide fit; a wide toe box allows toes to splay naturally. See our fit guide

Duckfeet USA Roskilde Map
55.6419° N, 12.0878° E

Welcome to Roskilde

Roskilde is found in the eastern part of Sjælland and is one of the oldest cities in Denmark. Roskilde is known for RUC, its excellent university, its cathedral, and—not least of all—one of the world’s largest music festivals, Roskilde Festival. Once a year, more than 100,000 people of all ages get together on the showgrounds for a week of great music and partying.

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