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Meet Silkeborg

Note: Some size–color combinations may be out of stock but are offered as a pre-order; please see the product’s original purchasing page for details.

The Silkeborg [silk-e-bor] boot offers instant warmth and comfort with its buttery-soft tumbled leather and 100% premium European sheep wool lining. This unisex pull-on boot features a higher cut that rests below the knee and unique wrap-around lacing for added detail. Plus, the natural crepe sole can be replaced when worn, extending the life of the boot for years of warm and comfortable wear.

Available in Women’s & Men’s unisex sizing.


What’s in a name?

Headquartered in Denmark, Duckfeet® boots and shoes have been handcrafted for over 40 years. Each pair is naturally tanned and processed by hand, and built in Europe with exclusive-quality leather that’s sourced close to home in Scandinavian countries. Each style is uniquely named for a city, town or region throughout Denmark, and the minimalist Danish design and natural fit have become a brand signature to this day.

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Water-friendly eco-conscious Terracare® pebbled leather.


100% premium European sheep wool


Natural Italian crepe rubber


Pull-on calf length boot with wrap-around lacing



Shaft Height

14″ (measurement taken on a size 38, from floor)

Shaft Diameter

4½ in (11–12 mm) (measurement taken on a size 38)

If shaped into an approximately circular opening, the inner diameter (wool to wool) at the top is 4½ in (11–12 mm). You can expect the wool to pack-in a little bit with use.

Shaft Circumference

14 in (36 cm) (measurement taken on a size 38)

The inner circumference at the top is about 14 in (36 cm). You can expect the wool to pack-in a little bit with use.


Sourced & produced entirely within Europe

Sizing size chart

Duckfeet have a medium to wide fit; a wide toe box allows toes to splay naturally. See our fit guide
Due to the 100% premium European sheep wool lining, we suggest sizing up 1 European (Duckfeet) size.

Treat your Duckfeet


Keep your Duckfeet in prime condition and help break them in faster with Duckfeet-brand Leather Care Cream & Sponge Kit.

Duckfeet Leather Care is a purely natural product with vegetable extracts and resins refined with marigold oil. Duckfeet Leather Care cleans, nourishes, activates, and protects all Duckfeet leather of all colors. Duckfeet Leather Care does not contain animal fats, alcohol, or chemical additives.

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Size Chart

For wool-lined models, we find most people prefer to size up 1 European (Duckfeet) size.

Duckfeet logo U.S. Women’s U.S. Men’s mm in
36 6 230 9.05
37 6½ – 7 236 9.29
38 7½ – 8 243 9.56
39 8½ – 9 250 9.84
40 8 256 10.07
41 10 263 10.35
42 10½ – 11 9 270 10.63
43 11½ – 12 9½ – 10 277 10.90
44 10½ – 11 283 11.14
45 11½ 289 11.38
46 12 295 11.61
47 12½ – 13 301 11.85
warm, medium chestnut brown
cold-toned deep black
rich bold pomegranate red
soft, light cream/tan
rich, warm-toned dark brown
deep charcoal brown with blend of brown/blue undertones;
the same as “Slate” on our non-pebbled leather models