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Discover Samsø, a unique fusion of a sandal and a shoe, perfect for all your sunny adventures. The classic open toe design sports an adjustable strap and is handcrafted from premium terracare® leather and natural Italian crepe rubber. Like all Duckfeet, the minimalist Danish design features a roomy toe box that accommodates the natural shape of your foot and allows toes to spread freely in comfort and style. Samsø evokes a carefree yet sophisticated spirit. Step into a pair today and capture the essence of hygge - the Danish sense of relaxation and enjoying life.
Style Open-toe strap sandal
Material Water- and eco-conscious Terracare® leather
Insole Terracare® leather (fixed and non-removeable)
Arch None: the insole is flat. (Most inserts and orthotics are well-accommodated.)
Outsole Natural crepe rubber (spreckles of leather may be present on the soles, this occurs naturally during the production and packaging process)
Fit Medium-to-wide fit with a wide toe box that allows toes to splay naturally. Offered in European sizes, which are gender-neutral.
Origin All materials originate in Europe; final production occurs in Poland.
Packaging Shoebox of recycled cardboard
Duckfeet USA Samso Map
55.8147° N, 10.5886° E

Welcome to Samsø

Samsø is located in the middle of the Kattegat, and this beautiful island houses about 3,600 inhabitants. Samsø is full of outdoor experiences and rich in local produce. It is also known for the Samsø Festival, which is a yearly recurring music festival. Samsø has a great coastline with lots of lovely beaches.

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