5 Best Campfire Meals


For those of us who love sleeping under the stars, camping season is finally here! It’s warm enough to spend a weekend outdoors without needing to pack substantial gear, so let’s get outside and explore some of our favorite camp-friendly recipes.

For the Camping Family

Ask any kid, the best part of camping is the marshmallow roasting. The gooey, melty goodness is tasty, of course, but the most fun part is their own involvement in the tradition. So why not let your kids have fun with dinner, too! Let your kid pile on their own combination of toppings for a personalized pie. These easy Flatbread Pizzas are a surefire (see what I did there?) way to make memories together.


For the Hungry Hiker

Sometimes your campsite is a welcome resting place after a long day of exploring the mountains. Need some serious (and tasty) calories without lots of effort? Pack-ahead ziplock bags make this Ultralight High-Calorie Mac & Cheese quick and easy. Simply boil water, add your pasta, and mix in the added goodies.


For the Veggie Lover

Not a meat-eater? No problem! The lentil base of this hearty Sloppy Joes recipe provides lots of protein. Vegan-friendly and delicious.


For the Treker

When you’re carrying all of your supplies on your back for multiple days, it can be tempting to skimp out on fun dinner ideas. Learn from my mistakes-- by day two, you’ll be insanely sick of trail mix and desperate for a real meal. Trailside Jambalaya ingredients are light in your pack but not in flavor.


For the Sweet Tooth

What good is a camping trip without an evening around the fire? In addition to marshmallow roasting, try out this Danish tradition of making Campfire Snobrød. Bread dough is twisted around a roasting stick, cooked over the fire, and then topped with a sweet spread like jam, honey, or Nutella.


What campfire meals do you love to make?

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