Leather Care Kit


Keep your Duckfeet in prime condition and help break them in faster with Duckfeet-brand Leather Care Cream & Sponge Kit.

Duckfeet Leather Care is a purely natural product with vegetable extracts and resins refined with marigold oil. Duckfeet Leather Care cleans, nourishes, activates, and protects all Duckfeet leather of all colors. Duckfeet Leather Care does not contain animal fats, alcohol, or chemical additives.

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Suitable for all Duckfeet colors and leathers


Vegetable extract, vegetable resin, marigold oil


The Duckfeet Leather Care Kit comes with 1 container (100 g) of all-natural leather care cream and 2 applicator sponges.


Remove rough dirt with brush, and apply Duckfeet Leather Care sparingly with a sponge, and massage in. Read more on our leather care blog post.


Made in Austria

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