Headquartered in Denmark, Duckfeet footwear have been handcrafted for over 40 years. Duckfeet are simple and functional, representative of mid-20th century Danish design.

Duckfeet are known for their minimalist, foot-formed design that offers ample room for toes to move and air to reach the feet. Vegetable-tanned leather midsoles and uppers give feet space to breathe and naturally transport moisture away from the skin. All-natural, shock-absorbing crepe rubber is used for the outsole, which can be re-soled. One-hundred percent premium European sheep wool lined models, like the popular Århus and Odense, are available for cold-weather wear.

Each pair of Duckfeet is handcrafted in Europe without the use of synthetic materials. Exclusive-quality terracare® leather is sourced close to home in Germany and is treated using environmentally friendly and sustainable processes. All other components are sourced within the European Union.

No two pair of Duckfeet are exactly alike. Every pair of boots, shoes, and sandals is naturally tanned and processed by hand, allowing for subtle variations in the leather. These variations are highlighted by the way you wear them, giving each pair its own story.

Rust and Salt is proud to bring Duckfeet to the United States.

Our Story

Duckfeet owner, Vibeke Dissing, talks about the principles & values Duckfeet was founded on, since 1975.


Duckfeet have a neutral leather footbed without any inherent arch support. Because it’s leather, the footbed will form to the wearer’s footprint over time. If support is desired, the footbed is great for accommodating most insoles as there is no built in support to compete with an insert/insole.

Learn about the Duckfeet production process on our blog.

The minimalist design and natural fit have been a brand signature for over 40 years. Each pair of Duckfeet is handcrafted in Europe using only the best natural, eco-friendly materials. All materials are European-sourced, including terracare® leather, ensuring that each pair is produced as sustainably and environmentally-friendly as possible.

Since 1975

Take a peek inside the duckfeet factory

Duckfeet USA

At Duckfeet USA / Rust & Salt, we are a small, multifaceted team of storytellers and the licensed importer and distributor of Duckfeet for the U.S. market. Duckfeet Denmark have been making shoes by hand for almost fifty years, and we’re proud to share their values of quality production, design, and simplicity.