Fit guide

Duckfeet have had the same signature fit for decades. The foot-shaped toe box accommodates all foot types and allows the toes and forefoot to relax; this design also promotes airflow, which helps feet breathe. Duckfeet fit true to size with a medium-to-wide last. Please visit our blog post on fit for all the details.

Duckfeet are unisex-sized with European whole sizes. Compared to U.S. half-sizes, there are fewer European whole sizes and no width scale. We find it’s best to compare your usual U.S. (women’s or men’s) shoe size to the corresponding European whole size using the guide below.

Note: for our wool-lined models, we suggest sizing up by 1 European (Duckfeet) size. Additionally, we offer Wool Insoles that may help with sizing half-sizes.

As your Duckfeet break-in, the leather will soften and slightly stretch; please keep this in mind when sizing.

Questions about color? See our Color Guide

Size Chart

For wool-lined models, we find most people prefer to size up 1 European (Duckfeet) size.

Duckfeet U.S. Women’s U.S. Men’s
35 5
36 6
37 6½ – 7
38 7½ – 8
39 8½ – 9
40 8
41 10
42 10½ – 11 9
43 11½ – 12 9½ – 10
44 10½ – 11
45 11½
46 12
47 12½ – 13
48 14

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