About the Leather

Duckfeet are handmade from quality, all natural materials and combine classic minimalist Danish design with durability. Carefully selected Terracare® leathers are specially treated to highlight and preserve natural shade, grain, and marking. With age and use, each pair will continue to develop its own unique character.

Terracare® leathers often have a two-tone effect and natural form; this uneven appearance is not a defect. Terracare® has been specifically produced without a thick layer of protective paint. This way, Terracare® keeps the natural look and feel of leather, and also retains high levels of breathability.

Terracare® is the manufacturing brand of Lederfabrik Josef Heinen and sourced from Germany. They have dedicated themselves to using and developing ecological tanning methods, which result in lower water and chemical consumption. The tannery produces all the renewable energy it consumes and unavoidable CO₂ emissions are neutralized through international reforestation programs Also, the rawhides used to make Terracare® are farmed in Germany, and each hide can be traced to its original farm.

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