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Using Duckfeet Leather Care in 6 Easy Steps

Leather can dry out and crack over time, especially after plenty of adventures. Duckfeet's all-natural leather care kit to ensure our shoes stay happy & healthy. This guide will take you through all the good stuff that goes into our leather cream, step-by-step application, and how a routine treatment can extend the life of your shoes, keeping them looking good for years to come.

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Step 1: Grab the Duckfeet Leather Care Kit

  • This includes a tin of leather care cream and two application sponges.
  • The cream is an all-natural conditioner containing vegetable extracts and marigold oil. No animals fats, alcohol, or chemical additives are in this leather care. The cream cleans, nourishes, improves water resistance, and protects all Duckfeet leathers and colors.
  • Cream conditioners are moisturizing and can be applied often, though a little goes a long way. A small amount applied more frequently is best. The leather absorbs the cream and will leave your Duckfeet soft and supple. This will also extend the lifetime of your pair for years to come.

Step 2: Dust away

  • To prep your pair, use a soft clean cloth to wipe away any dust or dirt on your shoes. Remove any rougher dirt with a soft brush. Heavily soiled shoes can be cleaned with a damp cloth, but let them dry thoroughly before treatment.

Step 3: Apply leather care

  • First, you may remove the shoelaces before applying, though it is not necessary.
  • Using the application sponge, get a small amount of leather care from the tin and gently rub a thin layer directly to the leather in small circular motions. Do this until the entire shoe has a slight shine, and the leather will appear darker when cream is applied. Add more cream conditioner gradually when necessary. 
  • Don't forget to apply to edges & seams! Treating these nooks and crannies helps with water-resistance.

Step 4: Rest

  • Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes. This will ensure the nourishing properties are fully absorbed into the leather.

Step 5: Shine

  • Polish your shoes with the secondary sponge included in the care kit, or alternatively a soft clean cloth.

Step 6: "Ooohh" & "Aaahh" accordingly

  • This treatment will ensure your pair gets a fresh breath of life by restoring color & texture.
  • Repeat treatment once a month, or as often as your shoes need some TLC.

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