Duckfeet Celebrates National Teacher’s Day

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Hey Flock, Katie here! I’m on the customer service team here at Duckfeet USA! This National Teacher’s Day, I had the honor of interviewing a wonderful teacher, who also happens to be my Mother, Patty Bogosian. We sat down and talked about the joys of teaching, accessorizing, and being your authentic self!

How did you get into teaching and what is your current role in education?

My reason to be a teacher started young, probably because I come from a pretty big family and was a caregiver from a young age. Presently, I am a title one teacher working with groups of kindergarten, first, and second graders in small groups. My work experience is infant care through high school students. I have worked with all ages from infants to high school kids, teaching in classrooms, after school programs, summer camps, and more. I’m inspired by my job.

What is the most rewarding part of teaching?

Those ‘lightbulb moments’ when you’ve been teaching a skill and all of the sudden it clicks, and they get the skill. It’s so important when they understand what you’ve been trying to get across. As a teacher, I feel a lot of love from my students, I get a lot of hugs, and I feel very welcomed by the children.

How does the comfort of Duckfeet relate to your teaching life?

I recently received a pair of Århus boots. They are very, very comfortable. They make me look kind of cool, which is great! But as far as being with the kids, I’m up and down stairs quite a lot, I’m in a lot of different classrooms, and knowing that my feet are comfortable is really important. I don’t have to sit to rest my feet. I also get a lot of compliments from the kids and the staff!

How do you bring your personal style into the classroom, and how do Duckfeet allow you to be your unique self?

If I'm wearing a dress or skirt in the summertime, these nice (Mandø) sandals brighten up my outfit and make me feel more in-style. My earrings and fun clothing, I wear them for the kids. Every day I have a different pair on and the kids comment on or complement them. Accessories are important and kids notice it.

How do you encourage students to be their most authentic selves?

As my friend would say, being myself helps that. If they know that I am fine with who I am, and with mistakes I might make, it gives them the room and space to do the same thing. Sometimes I need to apologize for things I've said or done or I’ve made a mistake. I think that in itself helps a child know ‘Oh this is a safe space, that person is as real as I am.’”

As Patty says, “Duckfeet are for everyone and everywhere. Simple and to the point.” Thank you Patty for sharing your experience as an educator.

Shop Patty’s favorite style for the season, the Mandø sandal in Blue.

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