Simple Ways to Make an Impact

At Duckfeet, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It's a core part of our mission to create the highest quality shoes while minimizing our environmental impact. This Earth Day, we asked our in-house earth warrior and content producer, Bridget, to share her insight on some of the small steps we’ve adopted here at Duckfeet USA headquarters to care for our planet and reduce our impact.

Hi Flock! Bridget here. Below are a few ways we at Duckfeet (and me personally) try to make a small difference in caring for the environment.


This helps reduce organic waste going to a landfill and recycled to become nutrient soil (aka compost) to grow plants in. A few things you can compost are coffee grinds, egg shells, banana peels (remove the sticker!), tea bags, some take-out containers (be sure to check the label), and much more! We take our compost to a company that industrially processes it, but you can do it in your own backyard with a few supplies.


Everyone knows about recycling, but sometimes it can be confusing. Check your local recycling and waste management site to see what is and is not accepted. One quick tip that is generally universal is to rinse containers containing food or liquid before tossing them into the bin. Food waste can contaminate the recycling process. More tips can be found here.

Trade the car ride for a walk, bike, or public transit

Did you know most of our car trips are within only a couple miles of where we live? I live just a mile from our office and e-bike or walk to work every day. This is not realistic for everyone, but trading a couple of trips in the car with a bike ride or walk can help reduce millions of tons of CO2 emissions produced by cars. You can also save money on fuel, improve air quality, and get a little exercise in… that’s a win win win if you ask me! Learn more here

Invest in quality products (like Duckfeet)

I know I know, this is convenient for us to say, but it’s true. Think about it… when we buy a product that is made well and costs a little more, we can get more wear out of it and keep it out of landfills (maybe forever!). Most of our Duckfeet shoes can be resoled and repaired. I love knowing that even when I eventually wear through the soles of my Roskilde boots, I can send them to the cobbler to get a second life. I mean, I put all that work into breaking in the leather, so yay for keeping them going!

We believe every step and action, big or small, can make a substantial impact on the footprints we leave behind. We hope you find these tips helpful and simple to adopt into your everyday life. To learn more about values, visit our Responsibility Page. From all of us at Duckfeet, Happy Earth Day!