Hygge at Home


Home for the Holidays

Even if our holidays look a bit different this year, it’s still an opportunity to bring the spirit of peace and joy into our homes. As we settle into our dwellings for this season, we think it’s the perfect time to turn your space into a hygge haven.

The Danish word hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is tough to translate to a single English word. Its meaning is filled instead with feelings of coziness, comfort, and the joy derived from life’s simple pleasures. 


New to hygge? 

Chances are you’ve already experienced it in the softness of a blanket, enjoying a warm pastry, or holding a fresh mug of coffee--anything that’s made you feel at peace. That’s hygge!

What makes you feel at peace? Take a minute to look around your house to find your favorite things. What inside your house makes it feel like home?


creating Coziness

We can embrace the theme of hygge by surrounding ourselves with things soft, warm, and cozy. Fluffy blankets, warm feet, toasty beverages all help us settle in for the colder weather.

To be cozy takes time, too. A warm and fuzzy blanket does no good unless we take the time to enjoy it. To enjoy hygge, it's important to create the space and time to slow down and experience the comfort of relaxation.


Simply Danish Living

Warm Drinks

A favorite during winter months in Denmark, gløgg is a spicy mulled wine that feels like coziness in a mug. Check out this recipe from Simply Danish Living for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions of this tasty tradition. It might just become your new favorite holiday beverage.

Blavand Records

Special in the everyday

When we’re home so often, sometimes we can get stuck on autopilot. See how many ways you can add a sprinkle of special into your day. If gløgg isn't your thing, try hot chocolate with marshmallows as a treat. Instead of streaming music from your phone, try listening to records or older recordings of your holiday favorites.


True meaning of Holidays

This is the perfect year to reconnect to the deepest meaning of the holiday season. It really is all about love, connection, and gratitude. If we're already home with family, it's a time to slow down and nestle up.

And if we're unable to have our normal visits with loved ones, it's an opportunity to find creative ways of expressing our gratitude for them. Send a homemade gift box of holiday love! Include a handwritten letter saying how much they mean to you, photos of special memories together, and tasty treats they'd love. 


Hygge for your Feet

Whether it's wool-lined boots or unlined models with cozy socks, we want your feet to be happy. 

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