Meet Silkeborg

Our Warmest Style Yet


"I don't even know where to begin talking about this boot! It is literally everything I wanted in a boot: Warmth, Style & Quality!" -Sandi B


  • Duckfeet Silkeborg are unisex pull-on boots, made from premium vegetable-tanned pebbled leather and lined with 100% European sheep wool. The leather is soft and flexible right out of the box, and requires little to no breaking in.
  • The soft wool lining covers the entire interior all the way to the toe, and the heel is capped with leather for structural support.
  • With more coverage than any of our other boots, the Silkeborg is our warmest style yet. The higher cut rests about 3/4 way up the leg.
  • Both the leather and wool are natural, breathable materials. Thanks to wool's wicking ability, the boots can be worn with or without socks.
  • Duckfeet leathers are water resistant and hold up well in snowy and rainy weather. We suggest treating the leather regularly with our leather care kit to help maintain this quality during wetter months.
  • The natural crepe rubber sole is supportive and hardwearing. This can be replaced when worn, extending the life of the boot for years of warm and comfortable wear.

"Oh, these are dreamy. From the moment I put them on, I felt like I'd worn them for years. Comfortable and beautiful! The workmanship is outstanding. These are going to last a long, long time." -Ruth P. 


  • The fitted style of the Silkeborg hugs the calf for cozy warmth.
  • We find the Silkeborg can be worn over thinner pants or leggings, and under looser pants.
  • This boot can be worn with or without its shoelace detail.
  • Like all Duckfeet, the Silkeborg is designed for all genders and pairs well with styles of any kind.

"Great tall boots. My husband wears them all day up here in the northeast US. Very comfortable and warm."   -Ann

Sizing & Fit Notes

  • We currently stock the Silkeborg in Euro sizes 36 - 46.
  • These unisex leather boots work well for narrow or wide feet. The soft leather will mold and stretch easily around your unique foot shape with wear, giving you a truly unique-to-you fit.
  • Because of the wool lining, the fit of the Silkeborg runs slightly smaller than other Duckfeet shoes. You may need to size up from your typical Duckfeet size in our unlined models. For more guidance, please see our Fit Guide here.
  • When first trying on your boots, it's important to ensure your big toe is no more than lightly touching the end of your shoes when standing or walking. You can always start wearing the Silkeborg without socks if you notice a more snug fit. After a few days of wear, the boots should mold to your foot shape. You can also increase sock thickness to help the leather relax and give more room to your feet. You can also expect the wool to pack-in a little bit with use.
  • The opening of the boot is measured at 14 in (36 cm) (measurement taken on a size 38). Have a larger calf? No worries! This opening is soft and flexible, which allows it to stretch around the calf shape. 
  • The signature wider toe box of Duckfeet, including the Silkeborg, has ample room to allow toes to spread naturally. The boot progressively narrows towards the heel to keep feet secure.




  • The Silkeborg comes in 6 rich colors: Black, Cream, Nut, Granate, Stone, and Chocolate. Take a better look at those colors here.

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