Invest More to Spend Less

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Invest More to Spend Less

Our purchases have a ripple effect of impact. What we choose to buy impacts our planet, our current lives, and our future. When you purchase Duckfeet, we are honored (and excited!) to witness the impact your new investment makes in your life and our world. 

Today we want to honor the impact your thoughtful purchases make on your own personal closet as well as our world. What happens when you purchase a product that has built itself on a foundation of longevity and craftsmanship? Read on to find out just how far the reach goes.

Nagy Arnold
Nagy Arnold

Investing in the Planet

Perhaps it doesn't seem like a huge deal, but did you know that the footwear you buy impacts the planet in a big way? Just in the United States alone, at least 300 million pairs of shoes end up in landfills each year. 

It can be tempting to buy a pair of shoes that are inexpensive with the understanding that they'll wear out after one or two seasons. The unfortunate truth is--once they're no longer suitable to support your feet, they'll most likely end up in a landfill.

One way to mitigate this accumulating waste is to buy products that last much, much longer. Duckfeet are built to last decades. Yep, you read that right, decades!


Arhus Nut

Investing in you

Buying quality products may seem at first glance like a meaningless extra expense. However, when you spend more money on a product that lasts much longer, your wallet will still come out ahead. When we spend on fast fashion, we consistently have to replace each item. When we purchase products built for longevity, we only need to buy once.

Instead of buying new boots every couple of years, you could buy one pair of Duckfeet that keeps you warm, supported, and loving your style for decades. And trust us, the leather just gets better with age.

Check out our Before & After blog to see break-in photos of the Duckfeet USA team's well loved pairs 


Blavand Black

Investing in your style 

In this special Duckfeet community, we love what makes us all different. It's through embracing our uniqueness that we're able to live brightly and show others it's safe to do the same. 

We've all fallen prey to sometimes purchasing clothing that feels adequate rather than amazing. Investing in fewer items that truly resonate with our personal style ensure that we'll wear and love those pieces for much longer. Wear what you love, love what you wear.



How do you invest more to spend less? 

We want to know how you invest in everything from yourself, your style, your community, and planet. Share with us in the comments below!