Meet Blåvand

Blavand Brown

Our Indoor Companion

“These shoes are the answer to my feet’s dreams! Stylish, comfy, and so roomy for my wide feet!” - Amina C.


  • Simple and versatile, no matter the season.
  • Blåvand is for both warm outdoor adventures and cold weather coziness indoors. 
  • Hand crafted from vegetable-tanned, full grain leather and crepe rubber soles.
  • Durable leather softens over time, creasing and opening according to your feet and gait. 
  • Duckfeet leathers are water resistant and hold up well in wet weather. We suggest treating the leather regularly with our leather care kit to help maintain this quality during wetter months.
  • The natural crepe rubber sole is flexible while still being supportive and hardwearing. 
Blavand Blue

“Sometimes I have to dress up and wear ordinary shoes with tighter toe boxes…Those are the days I am really glad to get home to my Blavands. I take off my heels and put on some warm socks and slide my feet into comfort. The best part is that these house slippers belong outside too! I wear them to the bus stop and to the mailbox and to walk the dog…I keep them by my bed and slide my feet in them every morning.” -Glenette


  • A little more versatile than slippers, slip into this favorite house shoe.
  • For the cooler months, pair with socks to be comfy at home and everywhere else.
  • Let the weather lead you--switch to barefoot wear in spring and summer.
  • The Blåvand is designed for all genders and pairs well with styles of all kinds.

Blavand Granate

“I am in love with this shoe. I have wide feet and was worried they would be too narrow. They fit great. And they are so comfortable. Perfect for this teacher who has to stand and move around quite a bit.” -Elisabeth

Sizing & Fit Notes

  • We currently stock the Blåvand in Euro sizes 35 - 48.
  • This model loves to be broken in. Upon unboxing, you may notice a snug fit at the opening of the shoe-- this will soften and open more once they break in.
  • Once broken in, the leather is soft and malleable and molds to your unique foot-shape. 
  • The signature wider toe box of Duckfeet has ample room to allow toes to spread naturally.
  • To learn about the break-in process, check out our blog for alternative ways to soften up your pair that don't involve sacrificing your feet! breaking in your duckfeet

Blavand Blue 

“LOVE LOVE LOVE I just received my feet's best friend :) The wide toe box is refreshing/so comfortable.” -Caryn B.


  • The Blåvand comes in 5 rich colors: Brown, Black, Granate, Blue, and Bio. Take a better look at those colors here.

Blavand Black

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