Snow Day in Duckfeet


Here in New England, we’re already buried in snow and looking for new ways to enjoy it. We looked to you for inspiration and were rewarded with lots of fun ways to enjoy a snow day in Duckfeet! 

How do you enjoy the snow?



Walking with a friend

Bundle up and get outside with a loved one. Can’t find anyone willing to brave the weather with you? Furry loved ones are almost always up for the adventure! Get some quality time together and you’ll both enjoy the fresh air.





Beating the cold with a hot drink

Warm drinks are at the top of every Hygge list. Your perception of snow can float from unbearable to beautiful once you’ve got a warm mug in-hand. Our favorite? This hot chocolate recipe from Modern Danish Cooking. Using dark chocolate and heavy cream makes the long winter worth it.





Building a fort

There’s a reason that children love to build snow forts--it’s fun! Whether you dig a fort out of a snow pile, or get sophisticated with ice bricks, give it a try. You’ll be surprised how quickly you forget that you felt cold before starting. 



Arhus @erikagraceee

Looking for tracks

In our Duckfeet USA backyard, we’ve got plenty of regal red cardinals and fluffy chickadee friends. Want to learn more about what birds are in your area this time of year? Check out the Audubon bird guide where you can search by area and learn about all the birds surrounding your home. You’ll be identifying in no time.  





Seeing the Love all around You

The best part of every season is finding ways to enjoy each moment. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude help us find beauty in the everyday. Next time you’re outside, ask yourself, “What is one thing I’m grateful for right now?” Where gratitude goes, love flows.




Or Stay Cozy Inside

Even with all the fun of forts and adventures, sometimes the best way to spend a snow day is by staying inside. Know that it’s okay to rest. Winter is the perfect time to reflect and recharge.

Your favorite activities

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