Activities to do with your loved ones

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During this month of love, we’re craving more time and fun with all of our loved ones. With lots of time stuck at home, we’ve highlighted a few of our favorite ideas to make time together extra special. Whether you’re connecting with your partner, multiple loved ones, or tiny loved ones, we’ve got some ideas for you to try this month.

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With your Special Someone

Global Dinner Date

Do you miss traveling? Have a travel themed dinner date with your sweetheart: Choose a country (either one you want to visit, or choose at random) and look up recipes to popular meals enjoyed there. Put on some music from that region and try your hand at cooking something new together. 

Want to try some Danish favorites? Check out these popular recipes in Denmark.

Go on a trip…Down memory lane

Get cozy, put on music that’s special in your relationship, and each write out a list of important memories together. Include hilarious situations, tender moments, anything that makes your heart feel full of sweetness and gratitude. After you’ve both got a list, take turns sharing each moment, taking time to explore the memory together.

Read a book together

In an age of streaming TV and movies, it’s easy to forget that books can also be enjoyed together. Find a book that sounds interesting to both of you, and take turns reading it out loud. If you’re unsure where to start on finding a book, choose something plot-driven with suspenseful twists and turns. You’ll enjoy discussing the book together, and guessing at what will happen next.

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With many Loved ones

Create art together

Grab a canvas, a few friends, and some colorful paints to create a custom collaborative piece of art! Each person could have a section to fill out, or take turns adding your unique flare to the whole thing.

Social distancing? No problem. Head to your closet (or a thrift store) and find an old puzzle. Get one aimed for children, the kind with fewer, larger pieces (25 pieces is perfect). Mail out a piece to each person participating. Have them customize their piece with paint, decoupage, sequins, etc. Once everyone is finished, assemble them all together into a truly one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Play a game

Lonely but tired of virtual group calls? We feel you. Instead of regular-old virtual hangouts, try using a game to energize the conversation. We love The Hygge Game! Get to know your loved ones even better by asking the thoughtful questions included. You’ll end the hangout feeling reconnected and recharged.

Secret Valentine

Why should Secret Santa get all the fun? Get a group of friends together to play Secret Valentine this year. How it works: put everyone’s name in a hat, and each person blindly chooses a valentine (or have Secret Valentine do this for you). Then send your valentine a special card, a poem, candies, little gifts, whatever you want! Keep it a secret or reveal yourself after the holiday.

Model shown: Blåvand

With tiny loved ones

Dance Party

Kids are great at reminding us to lighten up, have fun, and dance like no one is watching. Add everyone’s favorite songs to a playlist and have a dance party. Take turns showing off your best moves: your silliest dance, your fanciest dance, your craziest dance, your duckiest dance. Dressing up is encouraged (always).

Make a Holiday

Make up a special holiday and go all out on celebrating together. It could be a birthday party for a favorite stuffed animal, or We Love Books Day, or Wear Funny Clothes Day. Bake a cake, make decorations, and most of all have fun.

Have a picnic inside

Here in NH, gone are the days of lounging in the sun. Make mealtime special and have a picnic indoors. Lay out a blanket and swap the lemonade for hot cocoa. The bonus of indoor picnics: no bugs!

Your favorite activities

What do you like to do with your loved ones? Let us know in the comments! Or show us with a photo in your Duckfeet by tagging us on social media, @duckfeetusa and using #loveinduckfeet