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The Silkeborg [silk-e-bor] boot offers instant warmth and comfort with its buttery-soft tumbled leather and 100% premium European sheep wool lining. This unisex pull-on boot features a higher cut that rests below the knee and unique wrap-around lacing for added detail. Plus, the natural crepe sole can be replaced when worn, extending the life of the boot for years of warm and comfortable wear.

Style Pull-on, calf-length boot with wrap-around lacing
Material Water- and eco-conscious Terracare® pebbled leather
Lining & insole 100 % premium European sheep wool lining and fixed wool insole. The bottom of the shaft at the heel uses unlined leather for durability and shape.
Height 14 in (36 cm) tall
Entry If shaped into a circular opening, the inner diameter (wool to wool) at the top measures 4½ in (11½ cm) and has a circumference of 14 in (36 cm). Expect the wool to pack-in a little bit with use.
Arch None: the insole is flat. (Most inserts and orthotics are well-accommodated.)
Outsole Natural crepe rubber (spreckles of leather may be present on the soles, this occurs naturally during the production and packaging process).
If ever the outsoles need repair, we offer replacement outsoles.
Fit Medium-to-wide fit with a wide toe box that allows toes to splay naturally. Offered in European sizes, which are gender-neutral.
Origin All materials originate in Europe; final production occurs in Hungary.
Packaging Shoebox of recycled cardboard with leather handle produced from scrap material. (Due to its upcycled nature, the color of the handle may differ from that of the footwear inside.)
Duckfeet USA Silkeborg Map
56.1764° N, 9.5549° E

Welcome to Silkeborg

Silkeborg is located in the hilly Lakeland District of Mid-Jylland surrounded by the lakes of Silkeborg, a very popular holiday destination. Silkeborg is known for Himmelbjerget, one of Denmark’s highest points, which you can reach by sailing the famous steamboat, Hjejlen. Silkeborg also houses the famous Museum Jorn, where you can view many of Asger Jorn’s outstanding paintings.

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