5 Easy Ways to Staycation

Hannah took a mini staycation in our beautiful city of Portsmouth, NH. Although our international adventures have been put on hold, that doesn’t mean we have to postpone all exploration! Here are a few ideas to take a new look at your hometown.

Find a Vista

Enjoy your town from a different point of view. Try to look from a vantage point you’ve never seen. We trekked up to the top of a downtown parking garage. Although not super pretty from the outside, a parking garage can have a surprisingly beautiful view from the top!

Portsmouth, NH View

Pictured: Odense in Cocoa

Relax with a Book

Reading a book in the park just never gets old. Whether starting something new or remembering a classic, get some fresh air alongside the story. Bonus points for finding a novel set in your town.

Reading Book in Park

Colors Around Us

It’s no secret that we love color at Duckfeet USA! We went on a color hunt looking for bright doors that stood out to us. It was doors we were looking for, but you could choose anything that calls to you. See if you can find all the colors of the rainbow on your search.

Hannah at purple door


Pictured: Odense in Cocoa

Explore through Food

Nowadays, even some of your favorite restaurants may look a bit different. Many now offer outdoor seating for the first time. Explore either a new spot for a snack or visit a familiar favorite with a pair of fresh eyes. In the spirit of adventure and vacation, choose something outside of your normal order. 

Eating at Cafe

Crafts Turn Outdoorsy

Collect natural materials from your neighborhood (or backyard) for a craft that celebrates the beauty of the nature around us. We suggest looking around at things that have already fallen to the ground. During our walk, we collected some twigs and acorns for a pumpkiny craft. Whether you make a jack o'lantern, faerie house, or dining table centerpiece, have fun bringing a piece of the outdoors inside.

Hands Holding sticks

Make it Your Own

What are your favorite ways to enjoy a staycation?