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Odense [O-den-say] combines the versatility and durability of our highly popular Fåborg boot with a 100% wool lining for added comfort and warmth. Handcrafted from premium leather & 100% natural wool, Odense is a great choice for cooler months, but also wears well in all but the warmest of climates thanks to the wool's temperature-regulating characteristics. 

Style Lined all-season lace-up boot
Upper Water- and eco-conscious Terracare® leather
Lining & insole 100 % premium European sheep wool lining and fixed wool insole. The bottom of the shaft at the heel uses unlined leather for durability and shape.
Arch None: the insole is flat. (Most inserts and orthotics are well-accommodated.)
Outsole Natural Italian crepe rubber. If ever the outsoles need repair, we offer replacement outsoles.
Fit Medium-to-wide fit with a wide toe box that allows toes to splay naturally. Offered in European sizes, which are gender-neutral.
Origin All materials originate from Europe; final production occurs in Poland.
Duckfeet USA Odense Map
55.4038° N, 10.4024° E

Welcome to Odense

Odense is located right in the heart of Funen and is Denmark’s third-largest city. Odense is the hometown of Hans Christian Andersen himself, and here you can visit his birth home, which is now a museum. Odense offers a lot of excellent shopping and world-class dining experiences, and you must not miss walking around the old town.

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