Arch Support & Insoles

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Duckfeet are made with a neutral leather foot bed without any inherent arch support. We love this neutral design because it allows us to customize as much or as little as needed!

If your feet feel best with extra support, the foot bed is great for accommodating most insoles as there is no built in support to compete with an insert/insole. Note that if you're adding a larger orthotic, depending on its size, some people choose to size up to accommodate any extra room that's required.

Adding Insoles

When customizing your Duckfeet, adding insoles can move you from love to in love. Here are a few of our favorite insole additions:

Low support

One great way to gain a little bit of extra cushion to an unlined Duckfeet model is by adding Duckfeet Wool Insoles. They lay flat along the bottom of the boot, creating a cushier walk and a boost of warmth.

Wool insole

Medium Support

If you prefer arch support, check out this medium-level insert by Superfeet. There's still plenty of room for your foot to rest comfortably in the boot, even from day one. 

Superfeet Blue

High Support

If high arch support is what you crave, we love this Sore Dawgs Achiever insole. The arch is high, making you happy on your feet for hours. For a higher insole like this one, we suggest wearing a thin sock at first to help the leather break in to accommodate the extra room required.

Sore Dawgs Achiever

Breaking them In

You'll be most comfortable with added inserts if your Duckfeet are already broken in. To speed up this break in process, check out our blog on Breaking in Your Duckfeet or take a look at Before & Afters to see just how soft they get!

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