Shopping Small


Big impact on Small Business

When you shop small, you help sustain a community of quality, care, and transparency. Today, we're reflecting on how grateful and honored we are to bring Duckfeet to you in this way. Thank you for supporting us!

Blavand Cafe

Support Your Community

Shopping locally leads to supporting the whole local community, too! By using your dollars locally, you’re stimulating the entire local economy. For example, you can spend money at a local restaurant that buys produce from a local farm that hosts educational events for local get the idea. The relationship becomes intertwined with other local entities, all supporting and bolstering each other’s success. What’s not to love about that!

Faborg Coffee

Personalized Care

One reason we love shopping small is the feeling of connection. Often times smaller businesses show more personalized care to visitors. At Duckfeet USA, we love getting to know our flock family personally! 

Zoom team

Did you know?

If you’ve called or emailed us at Duckfeet USA, it’s not just by chance that you speak to the same couple people every time. We are a cozy team of ten and if you own multiple pairs of Duckfeet, it’s likely that we’re already on a first-name basis!

Odense Outside

Ways to support small business

Of course purchasing from small businesses is a great way to give support, but did you know that you can love local even without spending? Sharing information is one of the best ways to get the word out on your favorite spots. Start a conversation with friends about all your go-to local places for shopping, food, clothes, flowers, produce. Recommendations on social media go a long way, too. Not in the market for a hand thrown mug but just love the look of a local artist’s work? Share it on your social media with your thoughts on how beautiful a gift it would make this holiday.

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