Deliciously Danish

Six Traditional Recipes We Love

The hibernating season is in full swing, and so is our appetite for our favorite traditional comfort foods. Winter provides the perfect opportunity to slow down and get cozy, and its foods and flavors provide a comfort and richness that just feels right this time of year.

Take a Cue From the Danes

Denmark is no stranger to the shorter days of winter. Throughout time, the people of Denmark have found ways to embrace this and find joy in every season (such as the practices of Hygge and Friluftsliv). Danish food is no exception, boasting hearty and satisfying dishes.

Traditional Danish fare has its roots in the resourcefulness of the peasant population (pre-Industrial Revolution). With short summers, the locals had to make the most of each harvest, sourcing as much as they could from nearby areas. Commonplace ingredients used in Danish dishes include bread, fish, pork, potatoes, root vegetables and grains. In peasant days, rye was stored to make bread, barley to make beer, peas to make soup, and so forth. Spices have long been imported from tropical regions, giving many dishes an international flair. While Denmark’s cuisine has evolved over time, many of the staples remain. Here are some of our favorites:

6 of our Favorite Danish Recipes for Fall

1. Rundstykker

If you love bread, you’ll love these Breakfast Buns, Rundstykker. They are perfect with butter, jam or even cheese, and pair nicely with a hot cup of coffee and slow morning vibes.

2. Æbelskivers

Have you tried æbelskivers? With a texture similar to pancakes and popovers, these spherical treats are good for snacking any time of day. Æbelskivers, while not sweet on their own, are great for pairing with powdered sugar, jams, fruit, and sweet sauces. There are countless ways to make them, depending on your flavor preference. Traditionally, æbelskivers were made with apples and served with gløgg (mulled wine). Check out these glazed apple spice æbelskivers.

3. Flæskesteg

A hearty meat dish is sure to satisfy on a winter evening. This recipe for flæskesteg will take your typical roast to a new level. Danes have a tradition of leaving the skin on their pork roasts. It is then cut and salted, which allows the skin to crackle and crisp when cooked, giving the roast a unique and flavorful texture.

4. Rødkål

Need the perfect side dish for your roast? Try rødkål—Danish red cabbage is eaten in every season, but pairs well with many holiday dishes. With few ingredients, this is an easy and colorful creation.

5. Danish Remoulade

For a versatile condiment to go with meats, fish and sandwiches, whip up some . This version has a mayonnaise base and is loaded with veggies, herbs and spices.

6. Æblekage

Finally, for a sweet treat, try this recipe for æblekage. This Danish Apple Cake is a delicious way to reminisce our favorite autumn flavors.

Savoring the Season

These recipes offer just a tiny glance (and taste) of Denmark’s rich recipe archives. Winter is the perfect time to indulge, to play around with new recipes and cook some hearty meals from scratch. Finally, when your meal is done, remember to savor and enjoy it, taking joy in the whole experience as they do in Denmark.