The Art of Slowing Down

How to Find Comfort & Quality in a Fast-Paced World

We live in a digital world in which being busy is the norm. The internet is faster. Communication is faster. Travel is faster. Production methods are faster. This notion of “faster” creates an insatiable demand, and with technology at our fingertips we’re able to consume like never before. Immediate, frequent, and disposable.

“Slow fashion is about designing, producing, consuming and living better. Slow fashion is not time-based but quality-based” - Kate Fletcher

The official term “Slow Fashion” was coined in 2007 by Kate Fletcher in an article published in The Ecologist. By their definition, Slow Fashion promotes higher quality manufacturing and production, as well as responsible sourcing of materials, placing the utmost importance on the environment and human rights.

By researching brands and products, we give ourselves power to consume with intention and support the world we want to live in. But how do we navigate the mass options to find reliable and trustworthy brands? Since you’re reading this, you’re already taking the right steps. Awareness and curiosity are essential on the quest to shop more responsibly.

Here are some things we look for…

Quality vs. Quantity

“Slower” and “Smaller” may not always be flashy... but in a culture that feeds on quantity, it can be liberating to choose quality instead. When researching a new brand, the first thing we look for are their production methods and materials. This information should be easily accessible on an about page or in a blog.

What to consider:

Do they utilize skilled artisans or provide jobs for communities in need?

Are they producing to the highest quality with the smallest footprint?

Do they source materials responsibly based on longevity and environmental impact?

Take your time with these factors. It’s important to find a brand that resonates with you and holds true to sustainable values. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t be afraid to reach out to the company for more information.

Transparency is a good indication that a company is committed to keeping its footprint small, and that every component of a product - design, materials, makers - is intentional.

Closer to Home

Looking to apply more sustainable practices on your own? If you’re on the craftier side, making clothes at home is a great place to start. Ideally we repurpose fabrics from old garments (hasn’t been worn in the past year). If needing to buy fabrics, try working with linen (plant-based, can be grown on rough terrain & processed without chemicals). It’s not only more thoughtful, but rewarding to breathe fresh life into something old or create something new & unique.

Someone else’s treasure…

Exploring second-hand / thrift shops is also a great, inexpensive way to reduce waste by reusing. You never know what you’ll find that still has plenty of life left in it!

Bucking the Trend

Shifting towards slow is an invitation to participate more mindfully in all aspects of life. It’s an opportunity to be more present, to cultivate more joy and contentment, and to connect authentically with ourselves and others. Whether it’s researching brands, second-hand treasuring hunting, or repurposing old garments in the closet…

less is often more, and there is richness in simplicity.

Duckfeet for Decades

Duckfeet has maintained its small roots since 1975. As fashion and production have accelerated over the past decades, the Duckfeet design has stuck closely to tradition and production methods have only become more thoughtful.

The Polish factory employs skilled craftspeople who understand the ins and outs of the design and functionality of the shoes. Our leather is processed and treated using environmentally-conscious methods. With proper care and conditioning, Duckfeet last for years of wear and age with character and comfort. A hallmark of quality leather is the patina (or sheen) that develops with time and wear.

Every component of Duckfeet - design, materials, production - is carefully considered to ensure the comfort, quality and unique look that are distinct to the brand.

Find out more about our production & materials:

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