Duckfeet Fit Guide

What to expect

Did you know Duckfeet are designed around the shape of the average foot? Our wider toe box allows the toes and forefoot to spread and relax, promoting natural foot movement.

Here's what to look for when first trying on your Duckfeet...

We suggest trying on your Duckfeet with thin (or no) socks to test the initial fit. This will give you the closest judgement on how they fit your natural foot shape.

Where do your toes land?

Duckfeet typically fit best when the toes are not touching the front of the shoe.

While standing, if your big toe is more than lightly touching the front or if your toes are scrunched uncomfortably and at all painful, we suggest sizing up one Duckfeet size.

If the big toe is lightly touching, you should gain room in this area as the heel cap softens to allow the foot to slide back every so slightly.

Snug Fit

It's common for Duckfeet to feel a bit snug at first, typically on the tops, sides, and bridge. The high quality leather will loosen and relax over time simply with your natural movements. During this break in process, you can expect the leather to soften and your Duckfeet to mould to your unique foot shape.

For techniques to break in your Duckfeet without breaking a sweat, visit the blog below:

breaking in duckfeet

Lined Models

Models with a shearling lining may feel snug at first on the tops and sides. This is typically ok and will go away as the leather relaxes and wool packs in. You'll want to pay attention to the fit lengthwise. Be sure the big toe is no more than lightly touching and toes aren't bunched when standing.

  • Toes scrunched uncomfortably? Size up!
  • Heel slipping? You may need to size down.

We recommend first trying all lined models with thin socks. If you'd like more room in the boot, gradually increase sock thickness with wear.

Need more advice on sizing? Send us a message!



Sizes please. I have a long foot, size 12. Do you carry that?

Mary Ann

My feet are wide and my feet love and need a square toe box. But, my feet also need substantial arch support. Unfortunately I don’t hear any discussion about arch support. What can you do for me ??

Mary Ann

Please email any promotional codes. Thanks

M. Huyck

Looks interesting

M. Huyck

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