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Duckfeet sandals are designed to be simple and functional, typical of mid-20th century Danish design. The foot-formed design allows room for the toes to spread & feet breathe naturally as you walk.

Duckfeet sandals are made with the same full-grain leather as most boots and shoes, because it’s strong and long-lasting, but also flexible – allowing the sandal to move with and mold to your unique foot shape.

Style Notes

Duckfeet sandals vary between slip-on and buckle, giving you easy access and quick removal.

All Duckfeet are unisex, so anyone can wear our classic sandal styles.

Fit Notes

These unisex leather sandals are great for narrow and wide feet alike. All buckle models can be adjusted to better fit your unique foot shape, and the leather will soften & mold with wear.

All sandals are supported by crepe rubber that is soft and flexible, giving you a comfortable, durable sole.

Size Notes

Duckfeet sandals come in sizes 36 - 46 EU. Some models may be not be available in larger or smaller sizes.

The fit is standard for Duckfeet shoes. Duckfeet are designed with space in mind, which is great for both average and wide feet.

To ensure you select the correct size, measure your feet by standing on a ruler. Compare your largest measurement against our size chart here for a guide to your Duckfeet size.

If your measurement matches the maximum length of a size, choose the next size up.

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