Falltime Apple Picking

Picking Apple

Pictured: Arhus in Nut

Apple Season

Well, it’s officially autumn. Despite the fact that it feels like summer never fully landed, the leaves are already turning and beginning to fall. For us New Englanders, we grew up knowing that in addition to cool air, back to school shopping, and pretty foliage, September means apple picking.

Armed with a light jacket and an appetite for something baked and cinnamony, I visited one of my favorite local PYO (Pick-Your-Own) spots. Around here, people tend to be pretty loyal to which apple variety they pick annually. For me, it’s Macintosh all the way. Biting into a crisp Macintosh apple immediately rushes forward the sweetest childhood memories: hayrides at the local orchard, my dad lifting me to pick the apples out of my reach, working with my siblings to fill those white paper bags full to the brim.

Sitting on Bench

Pictured: Fyn in Brown 

Bring it to the Kitchen

Eating a freshly picked apple is delicious, but let’s be honest...the real magic of apples happens in baking them. A classic for a reason, apple crisp is my go-to favorite. Check out this recipe from blog A Farmgirl's Dabbles. Eat on its own or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (à la mode if you’re feeling fancy). With a bowl of warm apple crisp in hand, suddenly I’m okay with saying goodbye to summer.

Apple Crisp Recipe

Photo credit: A Farmgirl's Dabbles

Your Favorites

What are your favorite fall past times? How do you feel when you remember those traditions?