9 Favorite Crafting Kits

With the weather chilling down, the holidays approaching, and social distancing still the norm, we decided to get artsy with our indoor time this year. Support small business makers and check out some of our favorite (and unique) craft kits. Psst, the finished products make great gifts 🎁

Getting Crafty

Florence Hand Embroidery Kit
We love the classic artistry of embroidery, but starting as a newbie seems overwhelming. Grab this kit and follow a gorgeous template with all threads and supplies included.


Mandala Duck Cross Stitch Kit


Highland Cow Needle Felting Kit


Beginners Knitting Cat Kit


Woven Beaded Rings Kit
As the darker winter season approaches, we're still holding on to bold colors. This kit for beaded rings is perfect for unique jewelry lovers.


Soapstone Carving & Whittling Kit


Eco Resin Coaster Kit


Folk Art Watercolor Coloring Kit
Paper Plants Kit
This paper cutting kit checks the boxes on all our favorite crafting needs: Cute ✓  Unique ✓  Fun ✓ Good enough to actually put on display once it's done ✓

Show Off Your Crafts

Have you created something cool and crafty? Tag us on social media (@duckfeetusa) to share your creations with us 🦆