For the Love of Dogs

How Everyone Can Celebrate National Dog Day


In this day and age, there seems to be a national holiday for just about everything. Plug into social media - or even the news for that matter - and you’ll be hard pressed to NOT hear buzz about whatever is trending that day. National Ice Cream Day (July 21), National Best Friends Day (June 8), and National Taco Day (October 4) are just a few examples, and these “holidays” can be just as much about awareness as they are about having fun. Monday, August 26 marks National Dog Day, and while this day is a call to celebrate everything that we love about dogs, it’s also a call to action.

“Dogs have both an outer and inner beauty, an ability to love and a spirit that connects with humans in a way that cannot be replicated by any other living thing.”

-Colleen Paige


National Dog Day was established in 2004 by dog lover and advocate Colleen Paige. August 26 holds significance for her, marking the anniversary of the date that she adopted her very first dog. Since its inception, this day has become an ode to all things dogs. The holiday is inclusive, celebrating all breeds (from purebreds to mutts) and is also a springboard for building awareness around the importance of choosing adoption over puppy mills and pet stores. National Dog Day is also an opportunity to honor all the different roles that dogs play in the world - from beloved family members to service dogs for the disabled to police K9s that serve and help protect our communities every day.


Ways to Celebrate

For those of us who are dog owners, it’s a day to dote upon and spoil our furry friends. That’s easy...
...and for those of us who aren’t dog owners but still want to be involved, this is an opportunity to think outside the box and get active in other ways. Whether it’s a day of hands-on activities, charitable efforts or both, there are many ways that you can participate in National Dog Day.


Here are some of our favorite ways to get involved

  • Have a play day! Hit the beach, stroll the town, go to the park and play catch all afternoon
  • Offer to take a friend, family member or neighbor’s dog for a walk
  • Give a dog-themed gift or a dog toy to someone in your life that has a canine friend
  • Schedule a time to volunteer at a local animal shelter or donate a few dollars and/or supplies
  • Donate to local non-profit organizations that employ service dogs
  • Snap a few pictures of your furry friend and post to social media using the hashtag #nationaldogday, which will help generate buzz
  • Host a party for all the neighborhood dogs (and their humans)
  • Load up on new toys, treats and gear
  • Passionate about advocacy? Research about getting involved with a rescue agency
  • If you’re ready, willing and able to adopt a dog, take the leap! (make sure this is a well thought-out decision, as adopting a dog is a life-long commitment)


Dogs are amazing! They add fun, energy, cuteness and companionship to our lives. Their ability to bond with and love humans is unmatched, and their knack for intuition (especially when we’re having a rough day) often makes them the most comforting friends. In service roles, dogs utilize their intuition and keen senses to save lives and sniff out danger (often putting their own lives on the line). Having a national day that celebrates all that they do and all that they give us is much deserved! This day (and every day) is an opportunity to show love and find simple ways to better the lives of dogs all around us.

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