Hiking in Crepe Soles

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Odense Brown  @deandampney

Wondering what it's like to wear crepe soles? We've got you covered!

All Duckfeet are made with a crepe rubber sole that grips well on most surfaces and creates natural shock absorption. Although the crepe is bright and clean right out of the box, the natural material gains additional traction with a few wears outside. The porous crepe absorbs gravel and grit to become like sandpaper on slippery surfaces, making the even grip better with age! 

Crepe makes for soles that are not as stiff as those on a hiking boot, however they do provide a hefty amount of traction and protection against the ground beneath.

Let’s hear from some happy Duckfeet owners about their adventures outdoors and how the crepe soles function out in the wild ⛰️

Faborg Hiking

Odense Brown  @deandampney

Reviewed by You

"I live on a ranch in rugged high desert country. This boot protects me from cactus spines. The sole is flexible and solid (not hard like a hiking boot) which is good for my uneven terrain. And I am fine wearing them in town -- they are so good-looking! -- tromping around for hours on pavement. Really versatile."   - Dianne

"I love them for hiking (the soles are great for keeping your balance on slick surfaces) but I also confess to wearing them into town because they just feel so good." - Glenette F.

"I live in Northern Arizona where we have lots of snow and cold mucky muddy Springs and then hours away from the Sonoran Desert where it is prickly and dry and dusty. These boots take me everywhere and great for outdoor chores, hiking in the all kind of terrain." - Annie T. 

"I've walked up to 20 miles/day through cities in Europe in these (including Roskilde itself!) & they've been the only shoes I brought on a bunch of travels that included city time and outdoor adventuring. I've hiked in them, though they're a bit loose since they don't tie, but even for pretty solid trekking in Iceland and Scotland, they were great." - Maggie

“Love them. Perfect for walking and hiking. Much better traction on rock and wet surfaces than my former hiking boots” - Jane K. 

“I wore these at Lake Louise in the Canadian Rockies. We walked on the frozen lake, icy sidewalks, horse drawn sleigh ride and hiked to the overlook. Whether moving or sitting in the cold these boots kept my feet warm. I never slipped on the icy paths. That said, I was mindful and aware of my steps. Super pleased with the boots, and I definitely both recognize and appreciate the quality workmanship.” - Nancy B.

“These boots absorb shock like no other I’ve ever owned or own now. Almost no impact to speak of. This is the single most impressive thing about them in my opinion. I’m not sure how they process the sole, but I don’t understand how something so durable can be so soft underfoot.” - Zachary V.

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