Jamie’s Guide to Long-Lasting Duckfeet

You may have seen Jamie a few times on our YouTube and social channels. Jamie, our inventory leader, is a long-time Duckfeet wearer—one who is on his feet throughout the day, loves being outdoors and works closely with our shoes (as well as those pairs of yours that get sent in for a resole). We asked Jamie for his tried-and-true tips to get the most life out of our well-loved Duckfeet. The gist of it? A little goes a long way...

A Little Bit of Background

"My oldest continually worn Duckfeet are a three and a half year old pair of Odense. They have been resoled twice. I have rotated them out of everyday wear, but they are still quite functional whenever I choose to put them on. Two resoles may seem like a lot for three years, but these were worn practically everyday, and often while riding a motorcycle.

Where I find these shoes really excel is walking, especially in the woods. They are nearly silent, and provide excellent ground feel. The soft crepe shapes itself to irregularities in the terrain, providing a sound grip.”

Your Investment Makes a Difference

"The most important step in prolonging the life of your Duckfeet is to keep them clean and conditioned. Dirt is an abrasive that will break down the leather fibers over time. Keeping the leather well conditioned will maintain flexibility and help to keep dirt out of the pores of the leather. Brush off any heavy dirt, rinse off in water, dry, and condition with leather care."

"You get the most out of your purchase when you invest in something that’s built to last. Take it one step further by investing your energy into caring for your Duckfeet to keep them going for years of wear. A little goes a long way..."

→ Longer lasting product → Minimize environmental impact → Happy Duckfeet = happy feet.

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Repair More, Buy Less

“One of the most responsible things we can do is use our items for longer, and one of the great benefits of Duckfeet is the fact they are resolable. So if you do wear your sole out, it can easily be replaced. The key is to catch them at the right time.”

“You want to get the most use out of them as possible, without letting them wear into the midsole. We work with an amazing fourth-generation cobbler, DJ Annicchiarico. He is able to restore most pairs back to fine condition.

However, if you wear through the midsole or into the leather welt, it makes this job much more challenging, if not impossible. If you put heavy use into your Duckfeet, get in the habit of checking the bottom every so often for signs of wear through that first layer of crepe. When you see that, it's time to send them in!”

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TLDR; A Little Care = Long-Lasting Duckfeet

“Keep your Duckfeet clean and pay attention to the wear and they will last you a very long time! That way you can reap the benefits of a shoe that, over time, has uniquely molded to the movements of your feet.”

The Beauty in Repair

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by mending it with precious metals, illuminating its journey rather than hiding the perceived imperfections.

At Duckfeet, we see the beauty in care & repair—working to mend the well-loved, rather than tossing away when it shows the wear & tear from our journeys.

While our well-loved pairs will eventually meet their end, they are also worth the cycle of repair when able. We’ll be ready to pass on our beloved footwear when we know we’ve enjoyed the most life out of them!

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