Winter Walks

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we love Winter Walks

Once the temperature drops, we know it can be tempting to stay cozy indoors. We love to be cozy, don't get us wrong, but we also know how good it feels to breathe fresh air (yes, even when it's cold!)

Getting time outside benefits us in many ways. It nourishes our bodies, minds, souls, and relationships. Bundle up and try it out!


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Good for your body

Going for a walk is a fun way to get our bodies up and moving. When you move your body, it releases endorphins making you feel happier and more energized. Lots of us reach for coffee in the afternoon, but taking a little walk can work just as well!

Being outside also creates vitamin D. We hear lots of talk about vitamin D, but why is it important? This vital little vitamin is synthesized through our skin when we're out in the sun. It helps our brains function optimally, protects neurons, and even reduces inflammation. Although you can indeed get vitamin D in certain foods, us humans get over 90% of what we need from exposure to sunlight. 

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Good for your mind

Anyone else a member of the work-from-home crew? Whether your office is in your living room or your desk is spaced safely between other coworkers, walking outside is a great way to give our minds a break from stressful environments (and if you're working from home, it also provides some different scenery!)

Scientists have found that spending time in nature reduces stress, and along with those increased endorphins we mentioned above, a walk can greatly impact your day. Getting time outside gives your mind a break, lets your heart rate lower, and provides deeper levels of concentration when you return inside. 

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Good for your soul

We're creative beings and creativity starves in confined spaces filled with repetitive tasks. Walking and spending time in nature reconnects us to things deeper than what technology often provides. It reconnects us to the life all around us, reconnects us to our bodies, and reconnects us to breathing. When we step away from screens and slow down, we create space for creativity to blossom again.

Sarah Ivens, author of Forest Therapy: Seasonal Ways to Embrace Nature for a Happier You, shares that “we all seem to be obsessed with the ‘mental overload’ of modern living, but we don’t know how to reduce it. We’re saying yes too often, taking on too much, and then thinking about everything too deeply. . . Being exposed to restorative environments such as a forest, lake or beach restores mental energy, and that natural beauty inspires feelings of awe which gives a secondary brain boost.”

Arhus & Silkeborg

Good for connection

Walking doesn't need to be a solitary activity. Share these healing effects of time in nature with a loved one. There's never been a more opportune time to ditch indoor gatherings and breathe some fresh air instead. 

Where do you walk?

These photos were taken while walking in the woods of Seacoast, NH. Show us where you take your Duckfeet! Tag us in your photos on social media @duckfeetusa.