Tips for Trying on Duckfeet

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Trying them on

We know that trying on leather shoes can be tricky. Your Duckfeet are build to last and we want you to have a comfy fit for years.

How will they break in? Should they feel snug or loose at first? Check out these steps below and find your perfect fit in Duckfeet.

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Step 1: Find a clean, soft surface

We're crazy about the perks of crepe soles: they're a natural material, shock absorbent, quiet while walking, durable, and the list goes on. However, since these soles are made from a material that's light in color and very porous, it's important to test the fit on a clean, soft surface. Even a recently cleaned hardwood or tile floor can grind unexpected levels of darkening dirt into these brand new soles.

When trying on your new Duckfeet, choose a place with a clean carpet. Don't have carpet in your home? No worries! Laying down a towel or sheet will do the trick.

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Step 2: wear thin, light socks

We suggest trying on your Duckfeet with thin (or no) socks to test the initial fit. This will give you the closest understanding of how they fit your natural foot shape.

Since your brand new pair hasn't had a chance yet to soften or become more flexible for your foot and gait, trying on with thick socks will mislead you on fit. Try with a thin sock at first to figure out fit. Don't worry, you'll be able to wear those cute handmade socks in no time!

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Step 3: Stand & wiggle (your toes)

It's common for Duckfeet to feel a bit snug at first, typically on the tops, sides, and bridge. While standing with your heels to the back of the shoe, if your longest toe is more than lightly touching the front or if your toes are scrunched uncomfortably and at all painful, we suggest sizing up one Duckfeet size.

If the longest toe is lightly touching, you should gain room in this area as the heel cap softens to allow the foot to slide back ever so slightly.

A note for Wool-lined Models: 

Boots with a wool lining will feel snug at first on the tops and sides. This is okay because as the leather relaxes and wool packs in a bit, you'll gain more room throughout. Pay closest attention to the fit lengthwise: Be sure the longest toe is no more than lightly touching and toes aren't bunched up when standing.


  • Toes scrunched uncomfortably? Size up!
  • Heel slipping when walking? Size down!

(If you need to switch sizes, get a free and speedy exchange on our Returns Page)

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Step 4: Break 'em in

Leather shoes are something special. Once you've confirmed that the size is right, it's time to help the leather soften and relax to perfectly fit your unique foot shape. We suggest applying a Leather Care conditioner, or wearing your new Duckfeet for shorter bursts around the house to start. 

For techniques and tips to break in your Duckfeet without breaking a sweat, visit our blog on Breaking in Duckfeet

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Step 5: Adventure!

Now that all the sizing is figured out, it's time for the best part! We love to wear our Duckfeet while around the house, running errands, exploring nature, and so much more.

Show us where you take your Duckfeet! Tag us in your photos on social media @duckfeetusa.

Need more advice on sizing?

Read the sizing guide or send us a message!


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