Year of the Duck

2019 is officially here!

First things first, we're taking time this New Year to reflect on our amazing growth this past year, all thanks to your support!

Read on for our favorite moments of 2018, and a little of what's to come...

Our small team was joyfully overwhelmed this past year by the amount of growth we experienced and the support we received. We not only surpassed our goals, but expanded the size of the Duckfeet USA family beyond our expectations.
(thanks again for all of your support!)

Here are some of our favorite moments from 2018:

New Additions

One of our goals this past year was to expand the Duckfeet USA collection. We brought in not only new colors, but a few new models as well!

We started off the year by bringing in the Fyn

This model is now one of our favorites for a unique style and comfortable fit.

(have you explored the Fyn?)

We then expanded our spring/summer collection by adding the ÆrøMandø, and 3 new colors (Jeans, Bio & Cream!)

We added the Shop by Color Collection feature.

The Gro was also added to the Duckfeet USA Accessories Collection, just in time for beach trips!

Next, we ventured into Autumn with the Ribe and Odense.

The Ribe is our second pebbled leather option, and the Odense is our second wool-lined option!

Have a pair? Let us know what you think by leaving a review on their product page.

New Location

We moved!

Along with the amazing growth we experienced, our space needed to grow too. Our warehouse and office are now under one roof, and we can even accommodate walk-ins! If you're in the New England area, feel free to stop by during regular business hours to try Duckfeet firsthand.

Your Support

We not only grew our collection, but grew our family as well!

So many of you have joined us on social media, sharing your photos, having conversations about sustainable shopping, giving us your ideas, and more...

Thank you so much for connecting and sharing with us!

Join the flock via our Instagram and Facebook @duckfeetusa

As for 2019...

The new year is here and our goal is to make the Duckfeet experience even better!

What to look out for...

Our goal is to make the shopping experience more efficient and values-oriented. Above all, we believe in quality product and quality care. We take pride in delivering a brand we believe in to the US market, in the best way we can. We'll be focusing on transparency this year, in the Duckfeet process and behind the scenes here. You can follow this experience here on our blog, our email newsletters, and our social media channels.


We'll also be restocking most models closer to the spring! This will include select shoes and colors. The best way to stay in the loop on incoming restocks and new products is to subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the website.

Thanks again

What a year! Thanks to all of the support we received in 2018.

We're so excited to see what's to come...

Questions or comments? Contact us!