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Crepe Soles


Add resoling service · $50

Note: Some size–color combinations may be out of stock but are offered as a pre-order; please see the product’s original purchasing page for details.

Original Duckfeet Natural Crepe Soles. Designed to be used for professional resoling of Duckfeet brand boots and shoes. Resole your Duckfeet and give them new life!

Compatibility Duckfeet boots and shoes can be resoled. However, sandals, Blåvand, and Mols styles cannot be resoled due to the thinness of their outsoles.
Resoling These outsoles require the services of a professional cobbler to resole your Duckfeet. For this reason, you may elect to purchase our Resoling Service in addition to the soles themselves.
Material Italian crepe rubber
Origin Sourced and produced in Europe