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Jylland [yyl-lahn] is our take on your classic leather Derby shoe, with above-average comfort & quality. Constructed on supportive crepe rubber with a slightly stacked heel for back support, the characteristically wider toe gives your feet space to breathe, creating healthier movement from the feet up.

Style Classic lace-up derby shoe
Material Water- and eco-conscious Terracare® leather
Insole Terracare® leather (fixed and non-removeable)
Arch None: the insole is flat. (Most inserts and orthotics are well-accommodated.)
Outsole Natural crepe rubber (spreckles of leather may be present on the soles, this occurs naturally during the production and packaging process).
If ever the outsoles need repair, we offer replacement outsoles.
Fit Medium-to-wide fit with a wide toe box that allows toes to splay naturally. Offered in European sizes, which are gender-neutral.
Origin All materials originate in Europe; final production occurs in Poland.
Packaging Shoebox of recycled cardboard with leather handle produced from scrap material. (Due to its upcycled nature, the color of the handle may differ from that of the footwear inside.)
Duckfeet USA Jylland Map
55.6295° N, 9.2011° E

Welcome to Jylland

Jylland is the only part of Denmark land-locked with the rest of Europe and also forms the largest part of the country. Jylland offers everything from the West Coast, fjords, heath, cities, and small towns. Jylland is the setting for a vast landscape from north to south and from east to west.

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