Meet the Roskilde

We're going over what makes the Roskilde one of the most popular & easiest Duckfeet styles.


  • This unisex boot is great for both men and women, and offers an easy slip-on entry.
  • Duckfeet Roskildes are pull-on chelsea boots made from vegetable-tanned heavy leather, built on top of a shock-absorbing crepe rubber sole.
  • The leather is a strong cow hide that softens with wear and, being a natural product, is very breathable.
  • They are secured with elastic on either side to allow for easy entry. This model also features a high instep and, being a pull on boot, works well with orthotics.


  • The Roskilde is a style that works well in all seasons.
  • Duckfeet shoes can be worn with or without socks in summer (and don't get smelly!) as the leather is a natural product that breathes. 
  • Duckfeet shoes are unisex, so anyone can wear this classic boot.

Fit Notes

  • The fit of the Roskilde is standard for Duckfeet shoes. Duckfeet are designed with space in mind, which is great for average to wide feet.
  • The toe box has ample room to allow toes to spread naturally and the boot progressively narrows towards the heel.
  • Narrow feet will work in this style too, although not as well due to a lack of laces or buckles, which usually hold a foot in place. 
  • These boots are great for high insteps.
  • Movement is to be expected in this style, and lessens as the leather wears in.
  • To avoid blisters from the break-in process, check out our blog for alternative ways to soften up your pair that don't involve sacrificing your feet! breaking in your duckfeet
  • Roskilde are suitable for a half or full orthotic, so you can be supported all year round.

Size Notes

  • We stock the Roskilde in Euro sizes 36 - 47 (no half sizes).
  • It's standard for there to be some movement or spaces in the heel when you initially try on the shoes; this is caused by the leather being stiff, and will dissipate as they wear in.
  • It's important to ensure your toes are no more than lightly touching the end of your shoes when standing or walking.
  • To ensure you select the correct size, measure your feet by standing on a ruler. Compare your largest measurement against our size chart here for a guide to your Duckfeet size.
  • If your measurement matches the maximum length of a size, choose the next size up.

Duckfeet Roskilde comes in Brown, Cocoa, Slate, Black, Cocoa/Red, Slate/Red, and now Bio.

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