Though we all need something to wear on our feet, boots, shoes, and sandals don’t simply fall out of the sky, but they do impart an impact on the environment we all share. Duckfeet USA strives to lead a sustainable existence in the following ways.

Carbon-neutral delivery

When purchasing through, customers have the option to effectively ship their order in a carbon-neutral manner. To offer this, we partner with Cloverly. When you add a product to the cart, look for the option below the total to add a small bit more—this dollar amount approximately represents the CO₂ associated with shipping your order based on your location. Of that extra cost, Cloverly retains 25¢, and the rest goes to a Renewable Energy Credit or carbon-offsetting project close to you. Visit Cloverly’s ever-growing map of projects they work with throughout the United States and Canada.

Resole & repair

Duckfeet boots and shoes have replaceable crepe outsoles. We can send your broken-in Duckfeet to our local cobbler for a sole refresh, or you are welcome to purchase outsoles separately and bring them to your own cobbler. Besides the soles, Duckfeet use a simple and durable construction that often makes other repairs possible by a cobbler if such a need arises.

Walk-in & local pick-up

If you find yourself in New Hampshire’s Seacoast Region, we welcome you to place your order for pick-up at our location in Portsmouth. Not only will we have the pleasure of meeting, but you will also have the chance to test the fit of your purchase. Together, we’ll save resources associated with shipping your purchase, and we’ll share the financial savings with you with a 10 % discount. To partake in this pick-up option, come visit us during normal weekday business hours or give us a call to place your order over the phone so we have it ready when you arrive.

Carbon-neutral vendors

Our website runs on Shopify, which implements a number of environmentally conscious practices. Additionally, Shopify itself runs on Google Cloud, which is carbon-neutral.

Terracare ® leather

Duckfeet sources leather from Terracare, a company that produces this material as responsibly as possible. For example, Terracare’s process requires 79 % less water than unresponsible tanneries, and they purchase reforestation for CO₂ they generate but cannot eliminate. Visit Terracare’s website to learn about their practices.

The Duckfeet customer

Comprehensive sustainability extends beyond material goods and includes our fellow humans. Most Duckfeet styles use a gender-neutral style that appeals to many walks of life, and smaller and larger sizes we don’t typically stock may be available on a special-order basis.

Many of our customers are already mindful shoppers—welcome!