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Enjoy the summer days and nights with this classic, unisex slip on. No buckles or laces make for no fuss, and the strong, hardy leather allows your feet to mould the strapping to your foot. Summer just got better in Ærø [air-rue].

Color: Cocoa


Water-friendly eco-conscious Terracare® leather


Terracare® leather


Natural Italian crepe rubber. Note, this style cannot be resoled


Classic thong-style sandal


Neutral (accommodates most inserts and orthotics)


Made in Poland


Duckfeet have a medium to wide fit; a wide toe box allows toes to splay naturally. See our fit guide

Duckfeet USA Aero Map
54.8589° N, 10.3875° E

Welcome to Ærø

Ærø is frankly a natural gem of an island with approximately 6,000 inhabitants located right in the middle of the South Funen Archipelago. Ærø has a long and proud tradition of shipping, and here you will find schooners, frigates, and other incredible wooden ships in port all year-round. You can sail to Ærø from several cities, and if you choose to sail from Als to Søby, you can try the world’s first electric ferry, the M/S Ellen.

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